• George S. Chrysant, MD

      Chief Scientific Officer
      INTEGRIS Heart Hospital
      Oklahoma City, OK

    • Marci S. Damiano, RN, MSN

      Clinical Nurse Coordinator
      Washington University School of Medicine
      St. Louis MO

    7:00 amREGISTRATION / CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST Foyer of Ballroom C, 6th Floor

    7:30 amWELCOME AND INTRODUCTION Ballroom A/B, 6th Floor
    George S. Chrysant, MD and Marci S. Damiano, RN

    Agenda Fellows Course
    SESSION I Moderators: George S. Chrysant, MD and Howard I. Kurz, MDPanelists: Michael A. Brown, MD, Adrian W. Messerli, MD, Neville F. Mistry, MD

    7:40 amThe Pearls for Survival in the Cath Lab Howard I. Kurz, MD

    8:10 amVascular Access and Closure Adrian W. Messerli, MD Case Presentation Bob Massey, RN

    8:30 amPharmacology in the Cath Lab / Hybrid Lab: Sedation, Anticoagulation, Antiplatelet, Vasopressors, etc. Hannah E. Pope, PharmD, BCPS Case Presentation Kathleen Schlafly, RN, BSN, CCRN

    9:00 amUpdates on PCI Guidelines and Appropriateness William B. Bachinsky, MD


    SESSION II | CORONARY STENT UPDATE Moderators: James A. Goldstein, MD, Jasvindar Singh, MD, Alan Zajarias, MDPanelists: George S. Chrysant, MD, Tim A. Fischell, MD, Michael Yeung, MD

    9:35 amStent Update 2018: What to Use Jasvindar Singh, MD and Matthew J. Chung, MD

    9:50 amApproach to Complex PCI: Tools, Skills, Cognition Tim A. Fischell, MD

    10:15 amRadiation Safety in the Cath Lab, “Do’s and Don’ts” James A. Goldstein, MD

    10:30 amImproving Quality Metrics in the Cath Lab: Acute Kidney Injury, Bleeding, Mortality, Readmission in the Cath Lab Amit P. Amin, MD Case Presentation Brandon Rahn, MHA and Brandy Dennis, MSN, RN

    10:50 amStructural Heart Disease 2018: Lessons on Procedure Techniques and Program Development Alan Zajarias, MD and Marci S. Damiano, RN

    11:10 amPearls of Documentation: Coding, Billing and Reimbursement in the Cath Lab Trinna Smith, CPC

    11:25 amFinding a Job: From Interview to Contract Negotiation Paul Larson, CFP, CLU

    11:40 amCase #1 – My Worst / Best Case in the First Two Years Edward Coverstone, MD

    11:50 amCase #2 Robert L. Shapiro, MD

    12:00 pmCase #3 Paul M. Lavigne, MD and Neville F. Mistry, MD

    12:10 pmCOURSE CONCLUSION George S. Chrysant, MD and Marci S. Damiano, RN