8:00 am REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTAmphitheater Pre-Function Foyer, 2nd Floor

8:45 am WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONAmphitheater, 2nd Floor Jasvindar Singh, MD


9:00 am Broadcast from Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MissouriOperators: Howard I. Kurz, MD; Marc A. Sintek, MD Moderators: George S. Chrysant, MD; Jasvindar Singh, MD Panel: Karim Al-Azizi, MD; Binita Shah, MD; Prashanth D. Thakker, MD

 SESSION II BASICS OF PHYSIOLOGY AND IMAGING Moderator: George S. Chrysant, MD Panel: Karim Al-Azizi, MD and Prashanth D. Thakker, MD

10:00 am KEYNOTE ADDRESS | Current Status of Coronary PhysiologySukhjinder S. Nijjer, MD

10:30 am Physiology: Basic Principles and Tips & TricksJasvindar Singh, MD

10:45 am Imaging: Basics of IVUSS. Jay Mathews, MD

11:00 am Q&A

11:15 am BREAK | Visit Philips Product Fair & Cardio EX Amphitheater Pre-Function Foyer

 SESSION III HANDS-ON BREAKOUT - PHYSIOLOGY AND IMAGING Breakout Faculty: Karim Al-Azizi, MD; George S. Chrysant, MD; S. Jay Mathews, MD; Marc A. Sintek, MD; Binita Shah, MD; Robert L. Shapiro, MD and Prashanth D. Thakker, MD

11:30 am
  • Ambassador Room – Group A &  Group B
  • Plaza Room – Group C & Group D

12:45 pm LUNCH Solarium, 2nd Floor

 SESSION IV INTEGRATING PHYSIOLOGY AND IMAGINGAmphitheater, 2nd Floor Moderator: Howard I. Kurz, MD Panel: Karim Al-Azizi; MD; George S. Chrysant, MD; S. Jay Mathews; MD; Christian McNeely, MD; Marc A. Sintek, MD

1:30 pm STATE-OF-ART | FFR CT and FFR Angio George S. Chrysant, MD

2:00 pm Coronary Physiology / Imaging Co-Registration: Essential or Nice to Have? Karim Al-Azizi, MD

2:30 pm What Do You See? IVUS / OCT Imaging in Action Marc A. Sintek, MD

3:00 pm Q&A

3:15 pm BREAK | Visit Philips Product Fair & Cardio EX

 SESSION V SIMULATOR / HANDS-ON ROTATION(25-minute sessions, 5-minute transition)

3:30 pm
  • Rotation 1: Developing Your Coronary IVUS Eyes Ambassador Room – 2nd Floor Christian McNeely, MD; Robert L. Shapiro, MD; and Prashanth D. Thakker, MD
  • Rotation 2: SyncVision - Philips Advanced Imaging Lab of the Future Promenade Room – 2nd Floor Karim Al-Azizi, MD and Binita Shah, MD
  • Rotation 3: Laser Simulation Hands-On Colonnade Room – 2nd Floor S. Jay Mathews, MD and Marc A. Sintek, MD
  • Rotation 4: Physiology: iFR/FFR Demonstrations Plaza Room – 2nd Floor Robert Atkinson and Jimmy L. Kerrigan, MD

5:30 pm Break

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Welcome Dinner and Jeopardy Bijou Room, Lobby Level (inside the Casa Don Alfonso Restaurant)